The American Civil War
An Online Resource Guide

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Historiographical Resources
1. Recent Historiography on Religion and the American Civil War
(by Bruce Gourley)
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2. More Historiographical Resources

A Sampling of Online Resources
1. Religion in the Civil War: The Northern Perspective (James H. Moorhead)
2. Role of Religion in the Civil War (Timothy Wesley)
3. Review of Randall M. Miller's Religion and the American Civil War
    (Edward L. Ayers)
4. Baptists and the American Civil War (Bruce Gourley)
5. Catholic Sisters and the American Civil War (Pat McNamara)
6. George Rable Interview (December 2011)
7. Religion and Culture in Illinois During the Civil War (Drew E. VandeCreek)
8. God in America: A Nation Reborn (PBS)
9. Lincoln, Evangelical Religion, and American Political Culture in the Era of the
    Civil War
(Richard J. Carwardine)