Bruce with his daughter in Yellowstone National Park.

Historian, author, speaker and photographer — Bozeman, Montana. Click here for vitae.

I was born and grew up way down South, in Douglas, Georgia, about 90 miles northwest of Jacksonville, Florida and 90 miles west of the Georgia coast. Douglas was (and remains) a small, rural town, and to this day I am far more at home in small towns than big cities.

From my librarian mother I inherited a love of books, and from my father I learned to love nature and the great outdoors. During my childhood and youth hunting and fishing were a part of life, but most of all I enjoyed simply enjoyed being in the woods, forests and countryside. A variety of part time jobs otherwise marked high school and university years: shelving books in a library, stocking warehouses, unloading semi-trucks, driving a forklift, pouring cement, bagging groceries, working in a game room, and other jobs.

Two summers living in Wyoming during my college years further magnified a love of nature and the outdoors, and in 1993 led to a move to Montana. My own experience in the ensuing years is that living attuned to nature enriches the human spirit, is beneficial to physical and mental health, is a source of inspiration,  and nudges one toward a more generous worldview of humanity and our common planetary home.

Education-wise, a major in English and a doctorate in History bookend my university years. Vocational stints each (and sometimes concurrently) as a college chaplain, college professor, university administrator, non-profit executive director and general editor of an academic journal provided meaningful employment and personal enrichment.

Above all else, writing under girded these diverse educational and vocational experiences. Writing, one of the most basic ways of exploring and expressing the human experience, is and remains central to my identity.

Now, I am fortunate to have arrived at that which I’ve wanted to do since my teenage years: vocational writing. As an editor and writer for a progressive national journal (Nurturing Faith Journal), contributor to other journals, and author of books, I find great personal fulfillment in contributing, in my corner of the world, to the betterment of human understanding of the complex world in which we live.

A growing library of published magazine and journal articles, digital articles, websites, and books includes diverse themes and topics encompassing American history (colonial, Civil War, 19th-20th century, national parks, presidents, Montana, religion, and more), Islamic history and American religion.

Alongside and complimentary to love of nature and of writing, photography, the art of light, offers fascinating and compelling visual insights into humanity and our natural world that quietly plumb the breadth and depth of human language, feelings and understanding.

From my home near Bozeman and wanderings in the nearby great outdoors and beyond, through writing and photography and for the sake of future generations, the search for truth and light continues.